Toyota Corolla control arm

Suspension is the general term for all force-transmitting connection devices between the frame of a car and the axle or wheels. Or the impact force of the car body, and attenuate the vibration caused by it, so as to ensure that the car can run smoothly.

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This was tested with TOYOTA Corolla 04-,The oe number of this product is 48069-02200  48068-02200,

New production technology, large-scale factory warehouse, advanced production technology, 100% factory inspection.If you have a demand, you can contact us and tell us the specific model.

TOYOTA Corolla 04 car control arms can effectively reduce vehicle vibration and increase smooth driving. Improve driving experience.

Our company's products have a 12-month warranty.

Toyota Corolla control arm

Suspension is an important assembly in a car, which elastically links the frame with the wheels, and is related to the various performances of the car.

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Toyota Corolla control arm

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